We are proud to announce that we are a dealer for JBALL ELECTRONICS.  We are now able to tune a larger variety of on road, off road, and industrial engines. 


Through JBALL ELECTRONICS we are also able to offer service tools for your own diagnostics needs.  This gives you the option to diagnose, repair, and delete nuisance codes which gets you back in the field sooner and saves you money!

improve fuel efficiencty 5% to 20%

ECM tuning delivers increased horsepower and torque, better performance and improved fuel efficiency while helping your diesel engine run cooler and more reliably.

texa multi-brand diagnostic tools

Diagnostic tools for all makes of commercial trucks, off-highway equipment, stationary and marine engines and powersports. TEXA provides top-tier diagnostic functions including:

  • Adust and set parameters

  • Configure replacement components

  • Perform cylinder cut-out tests

  • Perform service routines

  • Perform stationary DPF regeneration

  • Read and reset fault codes

  • .....and More